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My update

So, I've finally beaten Arrange mode in Mushihime.

Finally took down TGA-RET at the end of that. Holy heck, what a fight THAT was. Cant believe I beat the blasted thing.

I then went and cleared Original and Maniac the next night.

Now Im working on Ultra. First stage is cake now, 2nd stage isnt bad.... though that damn scorpion irritates me sometimes. 2nd boss is the most unholy nightmare I've yet seen in a shmup, that counts as a "fair" boss (AKA, isnt something like Hibachi). It might be a bit less insane if the PS2 would stop flipping out during the fight, but as it is, I need to bomb the dang thing like 5 times to win that fight. And that's IF I win that fight, lol.

Stage 3 is less of a pain in the ass than 2 for some reason. The boss also isnt that bad as long as it's killed fast enough to stop it's almost-undodgeable final attack from showing, which unfortunately requires point-blanking it for half the fight. But it's not too bad.

Stage 4 is easily the hardest level of the game. Right now, I dont stand a chance here. I need a good route through the first half of it.... all those damn little guys on the rocks are what get me. Gotta find a better way to deal with them.... the miniboss here is second only to the 2nd boss in terms of insane difficulty. Boss # 4 is kinda a pushover, for an Ultra boss. If you can kill 1 without bombing, you can kill 4 without bombing, really. Personally, I actually found this version LESS annoying than it's Maniac-mode version, if that makes a lick of sense.

Stage 5, done in practice mode with rank on no-miss, isnt as stupid-hard as 4. Currently I can do the first half of the level and the midboss without bombing. Second half is irritating, them dang blue guys..... Boss is mean, but not as bad as 2. TGA-RET after that (tried that fight in practice mode, of course) isnt much different at all from Arrange's version... attacks a little faster (and has that damn shield), but from what I know, the fight is actually a bit EASIER, because there's a couple of points where you can point-blank it for rediculous damage, and simply SKIP it's worst couple of attacks. This just plain doesnt work in Arrange.

If anyone has any tips at all for that damn 2nd boss, I'd sure love to hear them! Any help is appreciated, with that damn thing.

So that's my current stuff Im working on, mostly that. Also got Radirgy on PS2 lately. Fun game.

Oh, and has everyone here heard of Space Invaders Extreme yet? New DS title. Apparantly getting a US release in June I think? Go do a search for it on Youtube, the trailers are on there. Very intriguing game.... As said by someone on the boards, it's kinda like Space Invaders combined with DoDonPachi. The game has a complicated, Cave-ish scoring system (which sounds very nice) involving comboing and colors and stuff. It's possible to kill entire waves of invaders very fast with special weapons, but new waves spawn right away, they just keep coming. There are large bosses, too. And other crazy things. Apparantly the game gets quite challenging indeed.

Im gonna import this soon here. Just wanted to mention it, in case you all hadnt heard about it. Seems very much like a game worth getting for many shmup fans.
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