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Destroy Everything

A Shoot-'Em-Up Community

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Welcome to the LiveJournal community shmups.

This community is for the discussion, enjoyment, news, reviews and high scores of all shoot-'em-up videogames.

What is a shoot-'em-up, you ask? A shoot-'em-up (called "shmups" by more avid fans)--widely miscontrued as refering to FPSes (like Doom and Quake)--is generally a game where you shoot at anything and everything up for points while doding return fire.

Examples of past and present popular games that are considered shumps are: Galaga, Gradius, R-Type, Radiant Silvergun, Ikaruga, and Silpheed.

Some games are considered "quasi-shumps", as the way the game is played is considered to be in line with many other shoot-'em-ups, but break some of the more standard conventions of the genre. Games like "Contra" or "Metal Slug" are examples of this, and are perfectly acceptable to post about in this community.

Posting rules are pretty straightforward. Stay on topic and don't flame/troll/spam.

Our rival ninja school of shmupping is ofthejam and is worth joining up with as well if you're a fan of shmups or just getting into them.

Links of interest

Shmups.com: Largest database of shoot-'em-ups out there. Include reviews, music files, message boards, and much more.

The maintainer of this community is palshife_sakura, and is also moderated by asakura_akio.