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Blast Works

Hope this hasn't been posted before, I just saw this trailer. You should all instantly recognise the style. :)

Blast Works is apparently a new shmup/shmupmaker/sandbox for the Wii, which means I can't play it, but I'd be interested to hear reviews if anyone gets it.

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I have seen it, and I have to say I'm impressed. I thought Blast Works was just gonna be a port of Tumiki Fighters, but they've definitely gone beyond the basic concept and added cool looking stuff. Definitely excited for this and Nanostray 2 coming up in the shmup world.
I didnt expect it a bit back, but now, Im actually looking forward to quite a bit of shmuppy goodness on the Wii.

Blast Works is my most wanted... I had a look at one of the trailer vids, holy heck that looks awesome. I'd had a few clues as to what they were gonna do when they made that version, but I didnt for a moment think it was gonna be THAT detailed and awesome. Deveoloping shmups is fun, having this to mess around with will be quite grand.

That it comes with some extra shmups by Kenta Cho is also very nice.

Also very looking forward to Shikigami 3, and the 3-pack of Radirgy, Karous, and Chaos Field. I already have Radirgy on the PS2 (I like it alot, but it's not for everyone. Fun scoring system, bizarre game indeed) but I've not played the others.

Not to mention numerous retro shmups.... particularly stuff on the TurboGrafx and such that I never had access to.... that I intend on getting right away.
Yeah, I'm hugely anticipating this. IGN had a video of the ship editor, and I was blown away by how much depth there was. It wasn't just chose shape, color, etc, it was a full blown 3D rendering program.

Just amazing. I'm definitely buying this on day one, whether or not I have a Wii by then.