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People need to post here more......

Yes, this particular place dont get posted in enough....

So, gonna mention some shmuppy things I been doin lately.

Well, firstly, I finally 1CCed Giga Wing. Which is my favorite shmup. Ooooh I was happy about THAT one, yes.

Playing it for score now. Not entirely used to using Ruby though.

And last night, I very nearly 1CCed the Japan version of Progear (Cave). I got to the final form of the final boss..... and then it rammed me :/

That game is so dang fun....

And finally, playing Shikigami no Shiro 2 alot.

Trying to break 2 billion with Hyuga, which would net me the top score for him on the boards. Very close to doing it, just need a better way of dealing with the 4th midboss (Hyuga's weapons arent of much help in that fight....)

And is it just me, or is Kuga waaaaaayyyyyyyy too powerful in that game?
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