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Haha! What the fuck?

I went to Fry's Electronics yesterday and my friend picked up this game from the shelf due to the hilarious cover:
Then when we looked at the back of the case, I quickly realized that it was the prequel to Castle Shikigami 2 that I already own.
I had no idea how badly XS Games bastardized the port of Shikigami no Shiro, but it's unfortunate that they removed all the story bits between the chapters. Seriously, the best part of Castle Shikigami 2 is the godawful voice acting during between chapters and bosses.
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Yeah, I remember seeing that game and wondering if I should get it. If I remember correctly, the other one was on PSOne and (of course) had nothing to do with 2 or 3.
Right. The PSX game was a bastardized version of Gunbird 1.
There's only one rule about being a ninja: Ya gotta speak cool.
Haha, I remember playing around with Castle Shikigami 2 and it's hilarious voice overs. It was a cheap ripoff of ESP Ra.De anyway.

XS Games has a tendancy to fuck up its ports though, yes.
Nothing worse than a bastardized port. There's so many wonderful games that never make it to the states, and the ones that do get so butchered up; it's no wonder we don't see more.
I got this used for $4 and played it for two hours the night I bought it and two more hours the following morning. Figure I've already gotten my money's worth.

Shame the story bits were cut, but I thought it was pretty fun.